Chancel Choir Concert

The Chancel Choir sings anthems, traditional gospel and classic spirituals. This year's annual concert - Sing for Joy - will be an evening of spirituals as arranged by Moses Hogan. Tickets are $20 per person and will be sold in advance. Bring your family and friends to enjoy this special time of song and worship together.

Chancel Choir Concert2019-05-12T21:21:13-07:00

Chordsmen Annual Concert

The Chordsmen, the Grace UMC Los Angeles Men's Chorus, sing praises to God in traditional spirituals and gospel music. Directed by Earl Wooten, the Chordsmen present their annual concert. Everyone is invited to attend. A free-will offering will be collected during the concert.

Chordsmen Annual Concert2019-01-21T22:17:45-07:00

Music Ministry Meeting

Chaired by the Music Director, Diana Andrews, all musicians, choir directors, choir presidents and the Pastor meet to discuss how music will enhance the worship experience. Also, the introduction of new music and special music opportunities are planned.

Music Ministry Meeting2017-12-26T23:08:58-07:00

Thanksgiving Day Community Worship

The Thanksgiving Day worship celebration is planned by Black Methodist for Church Renewal (BMCR), the official caucus for African Americans in The United Methodist Church. The worship celebration will be held at First Inglewood United Methodist Church at 304 East Spruce Avenue, Inglewood, CA.  Plan to bring your family and out-of-town guests to this special time of praise and worship.  

Thanksgiving Day Community Worship2018-11-04T22:49:52-07:00