UMW Prayer & Self-Denial

This event sponsored by the United Methodist Women of Grace UMCLA is an annual observance that gives our local unit a chance to study and reflect on a particular theme each year and to designate funds for ministries related to the theme for the year. The theme will be announced by March 2018.

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UMW Morning Glories Circle

United Methodist Women (UMW) unit at Grace UMC Los Angeles offers two groups - Morning Glories Circle and Faith Circle - that meet for prayer, worship and planning of missional objectives. The Morning Glories Circle is open for new members; church membership is not required.

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BMCR Sunday

BMCR (Black Methodists for Church Renewal) is the caucus that represents and is dedicated to the more than 2,400 predominately Black United Methodist congregations in the United States and approximately 500,000 African American members across the United States. The caucus is vital because of its: Keen concern for the future of Black people in the United Methodist denomination; Ability to advocate for the interests and inclusivity of Black people in the general church structure; Exceptional nerve to serve

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UMW World Thank and Pledge

This event is sponsored by the United Methodist Women of Grace UMCLA. The World Thank Offering is an opportunity for individuals to respond to God's abundance and grace with spontaneous gifts of gratitude. The funds collected are used in the total program of mission carried on through United Methodist Women's national office in the United States and around the world. An individual member's Pledge to Mission is the amount a woman gives to her local unit to help fulfill the

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