Vacation Bible School

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Freedom School Sponsored by Grace UMCLA

In collaboration with Children's Defense Fund, Grace UMCLA sponsored a program for boys and girls entering 6th grade that focused on reading books about important historical figures in African-American history. The goal of the program was to build self-esteem, intellectual curiosity, love of learning and group engagement skills. Young adult college students and graduates were employed as "servant leaders" to lead games, songs and activities. Church members and community leaders volunteered to read aloud to the group on

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Hip Hop Cafe – HIV Prevention Event

Hip Hop Cafe - HIV Prevention Event The Grace UMCLA HIV/AIDS Empowerment and Education Project aims to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic in our community and around the world. The Hip Hop Cafe gives expression to our youth and young adults who use music, song, dance and spoken word to deliver powerful prevention messages. In addition to this event, Grace UMCLA has hosted on-campus mobile HIV/AIDS instant testing and community seminars featuring medical professionals, researchers, sociologists and pastors. Our

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Karaoke Kafe

Come one, come all to the Karaoke Kafe. This is a fun family event where the community can get together to enjoy a fun filled night of music and laughter. Hope to see you there. Just stay out of my spotlight.

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Scripture Reading Calendar for the Week

Scripture Readings: Sunday, July 15: 2 Chronicles 28; 2 Kings 16-17 Monday, July 16: Isaiah 13 - 17 Tuesday, July 17: Isaiah 18 - 22 Wednesday, July 18: Isaiah 23 - 27 Thursday, July 19: 1 Kings 18: 1 - 8; 2 Chronicles 29 - 31; Psalm 48 Friday, July 20: Hosea 1 - 7 Saturday, July 21: Hosea 8- 14 Sunday, July 22: Isaiah 28 - 30 This year, we are reading the events of the Bible

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Karaoke Night

Karaoke Ministry is part of Family Ministry at Grace UMC.  Members, friends and community residents are invited to come and join in the fun and fellowship. All types of music are offered and the stage is set for persons of every age to sing their favorite songs. Snacks and soft drinks are available for purchase. Donations accepted at the door We have added line dancing this year so come and enjoy DJ Stan - The Prayed Up Man

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12 Step Program

A 12-Step Program meets each Saturday at 12-1:30 p.m. in the Education Building. In addition, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meets weekly on Friday evening at 7 p.m. at Grace UMC Los Angeles. AA is an important outreach ministry to address the needs of adults working to overcome their addictions in a safe, faith-based, accepting community. Church membership is not a requirement.

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Morning Worship

Join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:45 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Each worship celebration will begin with our Praise Team followed by responsive readings,  prayers, music and the sermon (the preached word of God). Baptism renewal will take place. Grace is a child-friendly congregation so your child(ren) may always attend worship with you.

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