Vacation Bible School

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Karaoke Kafe

Come one, come all to the Karaoke Kafe. This is a fun family event where the community can get together to enjoy a fun filled night of music and laughter. Hope to see you there. Just stay out of my spotlight.

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Food Pantry

Seniors in our service area may come to pick up fresh produce and non-perishable food at Grace UMCLA. For more information, please call the Church Office.  

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Choir Day Canceled

Choir Day 2016 has been canceled. Mark your calendars now for the Voices of Grace Annual Concert at Grace United Methodist Church on Sunday, October 23 at 4 p.m. More details to come.

Choir Day Canceled2016-09-05T05:09:28+00:00

UMW Prayer & Self-Denial

This event sponsored by the United Methodist Women of Grace UMCLA is an annual observance that gives our local unit a chance to study and reflect on a particular theme each year and to designate funds for ministries related to the theme for the year. The theme will be announced by March 2018.

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