Prayer Requests

Dear Lord, you know where we have the greatest need and sorrow. Teach us the words to form our prayers of thanksgiving, adoration and supplication even during our times of challenge, crisis and loss. Quiet the troubles of our minds and the aching holes in our hearts and grant us your peace.  Bless us through the mighty name of Jesus, the Christ, your Son and our Savior. Amen.

Vivian Abernathy
Tom Adkins
Alelia Akigbe
Joan Brooks-Barr
Gay Brown
Marion Burts
Joyce Campbell-Graham
Joseph Crawford
Terrence Fitch

Sam Fulton
Marjorie Glass
Roberta Jones
Barry Knox
Crystal Knox
Brenda Lindsey
Imogene Moten
James Nealy
Morris Owens

Willa Owens
Glenda & Anthony Persons
Reggie Redman
Jerrie Berry Rucker
Alex Smith
Louie Spears
Zion Warren
West Williams
Betty Willis